Matt Molloy

Oil on Canvas



David Munelly




Conemara Loop

Oil on Canvas



The Irish Connection

Over the years, Ellen has visited Ireland many times and now spends a good part of the year in Westport, Co. Mayo on the Atlantic coast.

She has fallen in love with the country, itsí people, landscape and itsí music. She feels a great affinity with Ireland and itsí history and finds many similarities with Israel. Irelandsí magnificent scenery has inspired her to try her hand, for the first time, at landscape painting. Taking long walks and sketching on her way (weather permitting). Later she works these sketches into proper paintings (often with the help of photographs taken on the way).


Dingle Cottage

Silk Screen


Ellenís love for Irish music has inspired her to recreate, through her paintings ( and via her camera) the people and the atmosphere of the musical sessions in the various pubs and performances, and finds many similarities with Jazz.




De Danaan



Month by the Sea

Oil on Canvas



All this artwork and more is available for sale,
as well as small prints of Ellen's work.

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